The Burrowers – BBC Two Series Airs August 2013

Martin Contributes ‘Kits’ Stoat Footage To BBC Nature Series


The Burrowers will be presented by naturalist Chris Packham

The 3 part series for BBC Two is a natural history first as presenter and top naturalist Chris Packham takes us on an extraordinary journey underground into the secret lives of some of Britain’s most-loved animals – badgers, water voles, rabbits, stoats and moles.

A real-life Fantastic Mr Fox, THE BURROWERS enters their world to bring new science and animal behaviour never captured before.

It’s TV Production Company DRAGONFLY’s first foray into the world of wildlife television and they do so with typical ambition and scale. They are probably most famous for producing bold factual event television such as Plane Crash as well as using the latest camera technology to reveal family and organisational behaviour.

In THE BURROWERS, Dragonfly creates full-scale mega-size burrows to see inside the underground animal kingdoms of some of Britain’s most iconic wildlife.

The production team worked closely with scientists, vets, conservationists and some of the world’s top wildlife cameramen to build unique filming burrows – a year in the making.

So far the Dragonfly team have scored a string of natural history and science firsts including:

  • baby stoats in their nest (filmed by Martin)
  • baby rabbits – including thermal imaging to show how they keep warm
  • orphaned badger cubs learning to live as a family
  • and the most elusive burrower of them all – the mole in glorious close-up devouring a worm, which it wipes and squeezes its guts simultaneously to get rid of any soil.

Series Producer is Martin Williams (GALAPAGOS 3D, NATURAL HISTORY OF PLANTS 3D), and Fiona Pitcher (SPRINGWATCH, BIG CAT DIARY) is the Executive Producer with Ed Silver for Dragonfly. PDs are Kirsty Wilson and Oliver Page, Producer Owen Gower, Researcher Hannah Sneyd, Production Managers Samara Friend and Kate Boundy.
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Transmission Dates:

  • Episode 1 First broadcast Friday 16 August 2013 at 21:00
  • Episode 2 First broadcast Friday 23 August 2013 at 21:00
  • Episode 3 First broadcast Friday 30 August 2013 at 21:00