Don’t miss your chance to join renowned Film Maker & Director Martin Hayward Smith on an unforgettable ‘Off Piste’ Safari around his native North Norfolk.

You’ll trek around hidden byways and country paths aboard Martin’s trusty classic Land Rover as he provides expert guidance and commentary for superb wildlife filming & photography opportunities.

Visit Martin’s dedicated website North Norfolk Safaris to find out more: northnorfolksafaris.co.uk

My Year With Hares – Book Available Here!

mywh+spineMartin was commissioned to make a film about hares; during the making of this program he gained footage of behaviour never before seen. With unlimited access from a number of private locations by North Norfolk landowners, Martin worked on prime UK hare habitat, from Holkham, The Barshams to Burnham Market – an area that covers thousands of acres.

A timely book to fill the massive demand for our fascination with this mysterious mammal.

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Martin on location with his RED (6K) camera

Martin on location with a RED (4K) camera

Martin Hayward Smith has thirty years’ experience in both filming and directing in varying habitats ranging from rain forests to deserts, from caves to aerials.

Martin operates either solely or with a full production crew whether these are presenter led programmes, natural history, science and features or television documentaries sound sync. These can be produced on many different forms of camera.

More About Martin

See the Biography page for a potted history of Martin’s career. For a summary of Martin’s expertise please click here. He has worked on a considerable number of projects – to view a list of these please visit his CV page.

You can buy some of Martin’s photographs. Originals or prints, framed or unframed. Visit the Photo Prices page for more details.